Single Mom Survivors Fund

The driving force behind Just in Case Boutique is a dream I had since childhood. I wanted to own my own clothing store and help women in need.  Easy, right?

Single Mom Survivor's Fund, was started a few years back to help a friend.  A single mother, who like many, was let go from her job due to downsizing. It took many months to regain employment and days before starting ... she found out she had breast cancer.  I saw her struggling emotionally, physically, and financially.  With fundraising, we were able to help give her some breathing room on the mounting medical and living expenses.  

I'm happy to report she kicked cancer's butt! We both wanted to figure out a way to keep the fund open and help other women struggling the way she had.

I wasn't sure how the fund would continue and help other women until I was introduced to Lauri Hagan, owner of Fringe Salon and Spa. Lauri was looking to change up her salon a bit...and Just in Case Boutique was born! 

Just in Case Boutique donates a portion of each sale to the Single Mom Survivors Fund. What I didn't know as a young girl, is starting a charity is EXPENSIVE! When you open a small clothing boutique with it...even more EXPENSIVE! We will also be holding various small fundraisers to gain the money necessary for the Single Mom Survivors Fund to become a 501 C non-profit.

We don't only need money. WE NEED VOLUNTEERS! 

If you or someone you know might be interested in helping us build this fund to help as many women as possible, please reach out to us!

Email inquiries to [email protected] or call Maria at 302.494.1381